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Detangling Massage Hairbrush

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Unlike a lot of other brush types, detangling brushes bring out the natural texture in straight, wavy, or curly hair. This invigorating scalp massage brush actually has a range of important benefits for hair health, from exfoliating build-up to promoting stronger strands. Boar and nylon bristles run parallel both horizontally and vertically along the brush to help detangle hair and distribute natural oils and products for a healthy, lustrous shine without frizz or breakage. 
  • BOAR BRISTLE BRUSH promotes healthy hair by stimulating natural oils in your scalp.
  • DURABLE NYLON BRISTLES help detangle thick hair and massage the scalp. With a mixture of natural boar bristles and nylon pins, this brush is perfect for detangling the hair while spreading oils from the root to tip of your hair.
  • VENTED DESIGN of this hair styling brush provides maximum airflow between your blow-dryer and hair, allowing you to dry and style in record time.
  • COMBINED NYLON TIPS AND BOAR BRISTLES gently glide through tangled and wet hair without the discomfort of traditional brushes.
  • FLEXIBLE, OVERSIZED HEAD of this scalp massage brush ensures optimum contact points and angles with the scalp for a comfortable brushing experience. 
  • NON-SLIP, COMFORTABLE GRIP HANDLE makes this brush easy to use and hold so you can give yourself a stimulating scalp massage.
  • PERFECT FOR ALL HAIR TYPES including fine, medium, thick, wavy, curly, oily, dry, wet, and long hair. 
  • DIMENSIONS: 9.84 x 2.95 inches

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