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Easy Grip Jar Opener

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Open the tightest of jars with our Easy Grip Jar Opener. No more running them under hot water, banging them on the counter, prying them with a knife, or asking someone else for help. We've got you covered!

  • EASY AND SAFE TO USE  The lid lifts off safely with just one simple twist.
  • CONTOURED HANDLE offers a comfortable grip and increased leverage.
  • MADE OF STURDY STAINLESS STEEL with a plastic handle that will not rust.
  • FULLY ADJUSTABLE jar opener tool tightly grips a wide range of lid sizes.
  • CUTS OUT STRESS, SAVES TIME — This jar opener for seniors protects your hands from injury and the jar lid from damage while opening.
  • IDEAL FOR SENIORS, the disabled, and anyone with arthritis.
  • GREAT GIFT for Grandma or Grandpa

Please allow 8–15 business days for the item to arrive, depending on your location.

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