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Anti-Slip Dog Boots

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Our Anti-Slip Dog Boots will keep your furry friend’s feet safe and warm in wet, dry, hot or cold conditions.

  • Durable dog shoes are adjustable and make for a really good fit. Make sure to put them on tightly so they don't come off. They are quite sturdy and hold up very well with daily use.
  • Dog snow boots keep your pup's feet warm and toasty and prevent them from freezing in the snow.
  • Dog hiking boots provide stability and traction on any surface, including rain-soaked grass, snow, hiking trails and more.
  • Waterproof dog boots with adjustable velcro straps for quick and flexible fastening and removal
  • Unique dog footwear helps older dogs and those with hip issues maintain traction on hardwood and tile floors as well.
  • Level up your dog gear with these ergonomic dog rain boots suitable for everyday outdoor activities.
  • Made of PU leather, breathable nylon, cotton and rubber material
  • Easy to wipe clean or hand wash.

Measurement Instructions: Gently press your dog's paw on a piece of paper, mark the width and length of the paw, and measure the distance. See our Size Chart to choose the correct size: 

 Size Length Width 
1    2.3 in.  1.4 in.
2    2.4 in.   1.6 in.
3    2.5 in.  1.8 in.
4    2.6 in.   2.0 in.
5    2.8 in.  2.2 in.
6    3.0 in.  2.5 in.
7    3.1 in.  2.8 in.
8    3.3 in.   3.0 in.

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